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Patrick Flaction

Coach of several professional Swiss ski athletes, as of 2018 he decided to start using Slim Sonic during training to enhance performance and to be more efficient because his motto is: “Performance is not invented, it is constructed. By optimally developing his/her different competencies, the individual makes progress on the way to excellence.”

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Michel Ortega

He is multiple world champion in powerlifting (WDFPF World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation) and uses Slim Sonic to get ready for the Swiss championship in Zuchwil on April 14th, 2018 as well as for the world championship in Malta in June (1st to 3rd) 2018. He will be the first athlete using our technology during a global competition.


Yann Moulinier

He is a young athlete without a big title for now, but he was a crewman in the Beat Hefti team and since the end of the 2017 season he became the only Western Swiss bobsleigh driver since Silvio Giobellina in 1985. His goal is the Olympic games in Beijing in 2022, to achieve it, we will furnish and accompany him during his preparation, just as we previously did with Beat Hefti.


Isabelle Yacoubou

Silver medal winner of the Olympics with the French team in London, Isabelle Yacoubou decided to use Slim Sonic after her knee surgery to relieve her knees and to continue her physical preparation.


Jérémy Morel

After an injury in 2017, Jérémy Morel decided to use Slim Sonic to lose some weight thus optimizing his training sessions.


Reda Mebtouche

He is European champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and will try to win the gold medal during the world championship in Abu Dhabi in April 2018. To complete his preparation, he turned to Slim Sonic.

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