These iconic athletes trust us


“Loss of 4.2 kg and 8 cm waist circumference and this in three days and six sessions, brilliant and efficient.”

JC – accountant– 50 years old Fribourg, Décembre 2015

“As a young retired orthodontist, I have always lived a healthy life and pay attention to my health practices: organic food, organic cosmetics etc. By word of mouth, I recently got the opportunity to test a new device which entered the French-Swiss slimness and wellbeing market.
Without being overweight I just wanted to selectively lose a few centimeters and improve my skin structure. I thus made a one-week express cure. Use of the device is easy and risk-free. A minimum of discipline is required and, to my surprise, in 6 40-minute sessions, I lost 6 cm of waist circumference – at the favorite spot of excess fat deposits! I am very happy with the result and its quickness. In fact, I wish to continue on this path as soon as possible!!
Given the result, I support this product which really has a revolutionary efficiency. As a convinced client, I became a stakeholder in the SLIMSONIC company.”

Lyon (France)
Retired orthodontist

TESTIMONY of a client who became INVESTOR Lyon, le 18 avril 2017

“Since the birth of my now 2-year-old daughter, I have been having a long fight to lose my 15 pregnancy-related kilos. Healthier nutrition combined with sport slowly but surely made me lose 8 kg, unfortunately, my belly never wanted to follow the move. I got complexes about my appearance and no diet nor cure could provide improvement, shopping tours had become a distant memory. Finally, I found THE miracle solution after reading an article published in the Edelweiss magazine. The writer was impressed by the results of a new 100% efficient sliming method: SLIM SONIC! I had lost all hope to lose waist circumference centimeters, but this method is just R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y because slimming is selective right where you REALLY want to lose centimeters!!! It reconciles us with our body and with sports, followed by an increased awareness and a better nutrition. The first two days were a challenge: 40-minute cardio training accompanied by calibrated nutrition to maximize the method’s effects… This exhausted me, but at the end of the 3rd day, I felt a new internal strength: my legs followed the rhythm of the music, I was less out of breath and I felt less hungry in the evening than the previous days. After the 10th session, I was shocked by the result: 8 cm of waist circumference less and almost 2.5 kg of fat lost!!”

BARBARA, 33 years old – 15 kg to lose after a pregnancy – June 2014 Juin 2014

“I made a turbocure, meaning six sessions in three days. I lost 7 cm around the waist and 2 kg of fat. I especially appreciate the session frequency and the philosophy of this method.”

VB – secretary – 46 years old – Geneva, June 2016 Juin 2016


“By the use of the SLIM SONIC belt, I optimize my physical preparation. I bought the device without sponsor benefits, just because I think it is essential for my daily athletic activity.”

Mathieu Bastareaud Mars 2017

“Since we implemented the regular use of the different Slim Sonic modules in the Hefti Bobsleigh team, our training periods changed and were significantly reduced. After only six sessions with Slim Sonic treatment on the abdomen, the waist circumference was reduced by 4 to 5 cm and weight loss of 3 to 4.5 kg was measured. Furthermore, the stabilization of the abdomen and lumbar spine noticeably improved. By combining Slim Sonic and personalized nutrition, we now have in our hands a complete package to optimize our performance potential and make a more targeted effort.

Like our racing shoes, the Slim Sonic belts, have become our permanent companions during the preparation of the Hefti Bobsleigh team.”


Beat Hefti (Hefti bobsleigh team) Avec salutation sportive. Beat Hefti – septembre 2016

“When I do a 60-meter sprint series training, I’m faster if I’m wearing Slim Sonic despite its weight.”

Beat Hefti Modèle L-1200 – 1.5 kg – Décembre 2016


“It has been a little over a year that I got introduced to the Slim Sonic belt.

As my philosophy is “NO PAIN NO GAIN”, I was having my doubts about the cited results. So, I tested the device myself and noticed quite quickly that by combining good nutrition and good training, this works. I was convinced. Although my total mass of fat is below average, I could locally eliminate what I had aimed for, which is difficult.

I propose the belt to my clients ever since; they are absolutely satisfied with the results.”

Th. Guisolan Personal Trainer, Instructeur fitness diplômé FISAF, Mérite sportif de la Ville de Lausanne, spécialiste de nutrition appliquée.

“After thorough testing of Slim Sonic on the abdomen, I lost 5 cm of waist circumference and 1.6 kg of pure fat in 6 days.

In my opinion, Slim Sonic and its treatment method unite all the important parameters: physical activity, balanced nutrition, and a cutting-edge technology which accelerates normal body functions.”

D. Detraz Entraîneur Swiss Olympic et diplômé de sport d’élite.

“In 2015 I witnessed an intensive treatment of 9 participants in Cannes (6 sessions in 3 days). The treatment protocol and the measurement overview were handed to me for approval. The results after 3 days were very compelling (mean centimetric loss at the abdomen of 4.7cm).”

Dr. M. Gaillaud Médecin du Sport, diplômé de micro-nutrition (France), Médecin référent UEFA pour l’Euro 2016 en France, auteur d’ouvrages dans le domaine de la préparation physique.

“The SoniC Resonance program offered is a complete program combining an increase in physical activity with the diffused SoniC Resonance ultrasounds and balanced nutrition. It is often very difficult to lose fat localized in the subcutaneous tissue. The SoniC Resonance technology produces a mobilization of this fat in the treated area.”

Dr. D. Durrer Diplômée en Médecine Interne Générale FMH, spécialiste du traitement de l’Obésité, auteure de 3 livres sur le sujet, Membre de la Plateforme Nutrition, Activité Physique et Santé de la Commission Européenne (Bruxelles), Directrice de Masters pour l’ISSUL de Lausanne sous la commission de surveillance du CHUV. - 2012


“After using the SLIM SONIC model for the abdomen (L-1200) during 4 weeks, here comes some information about it. I did 5 one-hour sessions per week (Mo-Tu-Th-Fr-Sa) alternating running sessions on the treadmill and outdoor mountain biking. I also used a Total Gym bodybuilding device. In terms of nutrition, I slightly limited fat and sugar and slightly increased protein intake.

I am very surprised about the results as of the first session. In the end, I lost 7 cm of waist circumference and 4 kg.

As I had more than one spinal surgery after a mountain bike accident, I can’t work out for more than an hour anymore, which makes it impossible to lose the fat accumulated in the abdominal area throughout the years.
With SLIM SONIC I easily eliminated this fat.
I am grateful and send warm regards.”

Alexandre Golaz Alexandre Golaz


Former professional athlete (Triathlon), I had an accident when I was 47. The latter was followed by 12 years of nightmares including 2 years at the hospital (CHUV Lausanne) to overcome a severe polytrauma. My survival was by far not guaranteed. I closed this trial paraplegic, incomplete, a kind of hybrid man.

Since I got out of the hospital, I am looking for solutions to reduce chronical pain without taking specific drugs. I know that to minimize my suffering I need to work out every day. My goal: improve my fitness.

I’m a real paradox. I need to be active but my life is marked by limited mobility. At that time, a friend suggested trying Slim Sonic. After a moment of doubt, I admit, I went for it and realized that I could optimize my effort thanks to this innovation. Your device enables me to burn calories without exceeding the effort possible in my condition. I even used my belt ( L-1200 model) to avoid eating to purge my body and I note that, since my muscles are energetically speaking satisfied, I am not hungry.

For me, this is fantastic because the technology enables me to use my reserves, to lose weight and to enhance my fitness. I am a life-loving disabled person which makes these advantages just as essential for me than for an able-bodied individual.

To conclude, I’m lucky I have to endure my handicap today because the world’s technology today is a considerable support. Thank you for the development of this technology, which makes my training efficient and my life bearable.

With kind regards to all of you”

Roger Stutz Le Châble (VS), 30 août 2017