"With the SoniC Resonance technology, we manage the energy stock, nothing more and therefore we are efficient."

J. Borgognon - developer


Research to combine respect for body function and efficiency of a technology for massif fat unloading began in 1999.


Excess calories are stored as triglycerides in the adipocytes.

The latter is the consequence of an excessively rich diet which increases the stock and leads to overweight.

Methods to unload fat are not all equivalent. Liposuction, a surgical intervention, eliminates fat and adipocytes (max. 700 g per intervention). All other methods require burning the unloaded fat.

These other methods all need to satisfy three criteria: energy equilibrium, unloading of triglycerides and use of the lipids by muscles.

Slim Sonic also needs to satisfy those three criteria but the observed massif unloading of fat allows result optimization.



Equilibrate nutrient supply with the needs of our body.

Mobilize stored fat thanks to massif unloading with Slim Sonic.

Influence the energy consumption ratio of muscles (sugar/fat).

Measuring energy needs with the VO2max and energy supply portions are acknowledged.

Green zone : Without Slim Sonic, lipids and glycogen are equally used.

Red zoneAthletes are in this zone, they know that once glycogen reserves are used up, performance decreases. Without Slim Sonic, the energy from lipids is not present.


Slim Sonic


influences this situation.

For overweight individuals, it is the guarantee to favor fat-use and therefore to become slimmer and to lose weight.

The equilibrium between sugar and fat consumption is influenced by Slim Sonic induced unloading. For the same energy need the share of fat consumed is more significant than the share of sugar consumed. You reduce your stock; therefore, your silhouette becomes slimmer.

For slimness, all studies have shown a certified and significant result (18 sessions, 27 000 kCal unloaded, 3.4 kg of pure fat eliminated, centimetric loss of 8 cm)

These master studies in sports medicine at the University of Lausanne (ISSUL – Switzerland) and subject to the Ethics Commission of the CHUV have been directed by Dr. Dominique Durrer, obesity treatment specialist, member of the European Commission and author of several books on the topic.

For athletes, it’s the guarantee to improve their performance.

The glycogen stock in the muscles is very low (50 g which corresponds to 200 kCal). When a big physical effort is made, this energy is fast consumed. By making lipids available, Slim Sonic immediately supplies another, more profitable and for performance essential kind of energy.

Numerous athletes, their coaches, and sports physicians undertook tests which confirm performance improvement (3 to 7%). This is proof for Slim Sonic induced lipid consumption because, in the conventional energy situation, the athlete doesn’t benefit from this.

Cyril Schmit Dr. in sports science (INSEP – France) confirms that lipids always have been the organism’s primary energy source. Slim Sonic protocols are organized based on efficient and performance-enhancing training.