Excess fat is stored as triglycerides in the adipocytes.

The use of the SoniC Resonance technology for the Slim Sonic devices produces waves of an amplitude and precision capable of generating a resonance effect among the triglycerides.

Due to these waves, triglycerides break-up into glycerides and are massively reinjected into the bloodstream.

Physical exercise optimizes transformation of the glycerides into energy and transport to the consumption centers of the body. Increase in lymphatic circulation and vasodilation.

The energy is consumed by the muscles, fat is burned, centimetric loss and weight loss are effective. This energy supply is also a performance boost.


In terms of quantity: keeps up with anybody’s excess fat.

No traumatic effects: respect for the body, targeted cells are not destroyed.

Efficient: loss of 1 kg of pure fat in 4 hours

Free choice of use

Select any part of the body

Connected by Bluetooth or with Body Analyzer/span>

Natural and in harmony with human body function

Sports performance booster