6 40-minute cardio sessions in 3 or 6 days for immediate results (1-2 sizes less). This treatment should be carried out with the L-1200 or the L-800 model.

The ideal treatment for people in a hurry who can do an intensive cardio workout. The goal of the TURBOCURE is to act with a VO2max of at least 85% just like athletes. Results are thus “boosted” because sugar is no longer mobilized to supply the muscles during the effort. The energy is 100% lipidic.



This is a continuous treatment to accompany people who have done a medium or intensive cure. We recommend at least three 40-minute sessions per week on the chosen zone. This is also a treatment to keep in shape which can be realized with our urban treatment protocols (see below).


For people with 5 to 10 kg overweight, we recommend at least 4 weekly sessions. A periodical treatment with a two-week treatment – one-week break cycle is recommended.


For people with more than 10 kg overweight, we recommend a one-week treatment – one-week break cycle with 6 sessions to reduce overweight by 50% followed by a soft or medium treatment.


Specifically developed for the optimal use of your daily activities, the XS-330, S-440 and M-400 models can be used to realize sessions without wasting time by using them on your way to work, during household or athletic activities. Thus, whenever we move, Slim Sonic optimizes our activity. Thanks to the Body Analyzer a treatment period is determined to let the muscles absorb the extra energy unloaded from the adipocytes.


Several studies and testimonies from professional athletes show that a Slim Sonic treatment with the L-1200 model for the abdomen prior to the actual effort improves tonus and performance during the workout.

The best way to verify performance improvement is the leg press test. The protocol for this test is easily available upon request.

Our experts are at your service to give you the advice you need to improve your performance.