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Testimonials from professionals

I attended in 2015 the intensive treatment of 9 patients in Cannes (6 sessions in 3 days). The treatment protocol as well as the measurement reports were submitted to me for approval. The results after 3 days were very convincing (average centimetric loss in the abdominal strap: 4.7 cm). Since then, I have been working with the designer, Mr. Jacques Borgognon, on improving the Slim Sonic treatment methods in conjunction with physical activity. We will soon publish our first results, which are excellent.

Slim Sonic is a real progress in the treatment of overweight, but also for athletes wishing to eliminate excess fat in specific areas.

Dr. M. Gaillaud, Sports Doctor, graduate in micro-nutrition (France), UEFA referral doctor for Euro 2016 in France

After having tested Slim Sonic in detail on the abdominal belt (loss in 6 days of 5 cm of waist circumference and 1.6 kg of pure fat), I can affirm that Slim Sonic and its method of treatment combine everything that is important to me: physical activity, a balanced diet and advanced technology that accelerates the normal functioning of the body. As a Swiss Olympic trainer, I am very enthusiastic about this device and I see two types of use for it:

For Mr. and Mrs. “Everybody”, I will use the Slim Sonic belt with a very specific planning. Indeed, if a person wishing to lose weight is interested in the belt, I will advise him/her to plan for a year as I could do for an elite athlete. I will propose 4 periods of 3 weeks, spread over the year and decided by the person, which will allow him/her to lose weight and centimeters around the waist when he/she wants (for example before the summer or according to an important event for him/her).
For an elite athlete: who following an inactivity (injury, break …..) has gained weight or when resuming training after a recovery period.

Dominique DETRAZ, Swiss Olympic trainer and elite sport graduate

I am passionate about my job because I started to be interested in the world of fitness at the age of 15.

I have successfully completed several trainings (training methods, sports nutrition, anatomy, physiology, etc.). Afterwards, I participated in several bodybuilding competitions at the national and international level. Thanks to all of this, I have acquired serious knowledge in the field, which allows me today to transmit this knowledge to my clients (sports preparation, weight loss, muscle mass gain, etc.). I also collaborate with Dr. Blanc in Crissier to improve the advice I give to my clients.

It has been a little over a year since I was introduced to the Slim Sonic belt. Being a “NO PAIN NO GAIN” advocate, I had some doubts about the results quoted. So I tried it on myself and I quickly found that with the right diet and training, it works. So I was convinced, knowing that my total fat mass is below the norm, especially since I was able to eliminate what I wanted locally, which is difficult.

Since then, I have been offering it to my clients, who are completely satisfied with the results.

However, I explain to them that it is an important tool for fat loss, and that they must respect an energy balance and exercise for 100% results.

Thierry GUISOLAN, Owner of FITTIME in Vallorbe

I have been active in Swiss Bobsleigh for 18 years as a professional athlete. For the first ten years, I was a brakeman in different teams. Since the 2006/07 season, I have created my own team for both the two-man and four-man bobsleds. We have competed on many bobsled tracks around the world (see box).

Brief information about Bobsleigh:
The minimum weight for a two-man bob is 170 kg. Including the team, this weight must not exceed 390 kg (110 kg maximum per athlete). For a four-man bobsleigh, the minimum weight is 210 kg and the weight including the team must not exceed 630 kg (105 kg maximum per athlete). Therefore, we must constantly pay attention to our weight. A bob too light must be supplemented with additional weights, on the contrary a bob too heavy would lead to an exclusion from the race.

In today’s modern Bobsleigh, we are more and more dependent on our optimal body weight to be able to perform at the top European level and achieve podium finishes at the World Championships or Olympic Games. As Bobsleigh athletes, we burn up to 6’000 kcal daily. These new results requirements force us to pay attention to our weight not only during the racing season, but also throughout the year.

After a long and exhausting season, the break is welcome, then it’s back to the preparation. The beginning of the school year is almost always associated with a weight loss phase following the accumulation of weight during the off-season. This accumulation phase is different for each athlete and leads to the planning of training and organization within teams.

Since we have been using the various Slim Sonic belts regularly in our Bob Hefti Team, the training phases have changed dramatically and have been significantly reduced for me and my team. After six Slim Sonic sessions, the waistline of the different bobbers was reduced by 4 to 5 cm and the weight by 3 to 4.5 kg. The stabilization of the body has visibly improved on the abdominal strap and for the lumbar region. By combining Slim Sonic, personalized nutrition and food products from Fit-Line, we now have a complete package to optimize our performance potential and focus our efforts even more.

The Slim Sonic belts have now become our permanent companions in the preparation of Bob Hefti’s team, just like our running shoes.

Beat Hefti, Swiss Olympic Bobsleigh Champion

I have tested Slim Sonic and I can only confirm the results announced as well as the speed and effectiveness of the method. Indeed, the average loss is 5 kg on the scale, and what is most important, the reduction in size is significant (on average from 44 to 40). Since 2013, many patients have been successfully practicing the method by renting the devices for home use.

I recommend a 30 minute treatment with Slim Sonic while you move for at least 40 minutes for 2 to 3 weeks. This allows each session to remove 100 grams of pure fat. In short, 2 daily sessions during 5 days will allow you to lose 1 kilo of fat in a chosen area.

Daniel JAQUENOUD, Physiotherapist in Monthey (CH)

Hello, I have been a user of these super belts for 3 years… I have set up a 100% natural nutrition and care center based on moderate physical activity with muscle strengthening… I have helped both women and men to regain good health and a reshaped figure without dieting, but with an adapted diet coupled with physical activity with the Slim Sonic belts positioned on the parts of the body needing fat removal… The results are fantastic regardless of age! Because it is easy to say that you should do sports to lose weight locally, but it is not so simple when your body balance is bad and your metabolisms are hypoxic and slow… The 3 / 4 of the people I receive in my center are not sportsmen!
Our record is 25 centimeters of waist with a stabilized body balance for 3 years.
I have nothing to gain by testifying, I’m not an influencer, just a nutrition, sports and beauty enthusiast. Obviously there is no miracle treatment, but a good combination gives localized results without trauma with a nice help to the muscle construction for long-lasting results for a top health and a high morale.

Florence, Opinion on Facebook

Client testimonials

-7kg in 10 weeks

A metamorphosis in only 10 weeks. A loss of 7kg of fat!

Great experience for me. To be able to lose so much waistline in such a short period of time seemed impossible and yet it is easy! This treatment has allowed me to regain a taste for sports and to improve my endurance. I really feel better about my body 🙂

-5kg in 2 weeks

A metamorphosis in only 2 weeks. A loss of 5 kg of fat!

Great belts! 2ᵉ experience for me, all the more appreciated and effective because it was used while I was finally keeping myself in a much healthier “mood” in terms of sports and nutrition, and its positive effects only multiplied my motivation!

I did a turbocure, six sessions in three days, I lost 7 cm of belly and 2 kg of fat. I particularly appreciate the frequency of the sessions and the philosophy of this method.

Valerie, 46 years old, Geneva

Loss of 4.2 kg and 8 cm of waist, all in three days and six sessions, great and effective.

Jean, 50 years old, Fribourg

Hello, I would like to give you my experience!
In pre-menopause, with the confinement, I gained a lot of weight. Diets did not make me lose a lot of weight even when I was exercising. I started working out 3 times a week with Slim Sonic in September 2021 and a small diet on the side. In 2 months, I only lost 5 kg, but for me, it’s huge. What impressed me the most were the inches: 13 cm of waistline lost and 10 on the thighs.

Séverine, Opinion on Facebook

Using it 3 times a week, with a balanced diet (except for Saturdays 🙂 ), I lost a good size of jeans in a month. On the scale, I have only 2 kilos of difference but in my pants, the visibility is very clear.

Marjorie, Opinion on Facebook

It takes more than 10 days to see a result. I have been using this device for 3 years every spring to dry and refine, the result is really good. The device should be combined with a light diet and sport. But especially to do it more than 10 days. I do weight training about 1-2 times a week and some cardio. All this combined with a balanced diet gives very good results for me.

Lionel, Opinion on Facebook

-17kg in 4 months

A metamorphosis in 4 months. A loss of 17kg of fat!

More than satisfied with the product! Quality explanations and advice, follow-up by a coach and top notch materials! Renewed vitality and well-being.”

-15cm in 10 sessions

A metamorphosis in 10 sessions. A loss of 15 cm of waistline!

I didn’t know this method at all. A friend told me about it! He was right: -15 cm of waistline in 10 sessions of 40 min already. Absolutely great, you lose fat where you want and it doesn’t take much effort! I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!

Since the birth of my 2 year old daughter, I have been fighting a long term battle to lose my 15 kg related to pregnancy. Thanks to a healthier diet combined with sports, I gradually managed to lose about 8 kg but unfortunately my stomach never wanted to follow. I became self-conscious about my appearance and no amount of dieting and cures could do anything about it, shopping sessions became a distant memory.

But finally, THE miracle solution came to me after having carefully read an article published in Edelweiss magazine. The journalist was blown away by the results of a new 100% effective slimming method, SLIM SONIC! I had given up all hope of losing inches around my waist, but this method is simply R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-A-I-R-E because the slimming is targeted where you REALLY want to lose inches! It reconciles us with our body and with sport, followed by an awareness of a better diet.

The first two days were a real challenge, 40 minutes of cardio complemented by a calibrated diet in order to maximize the effects of the method… This made me tired but at the end of the 3rd day, I felt like a new inner strength: my legs followed the rhythm of the music, I had a better breath and was not as hungry in the evening as before. At the end of the 10th session, I was shocked by the result: -8 cm of waistline and almost 2.5 kg of fat lost!

Barbara, 33 years old, 15kg to lose after giving birth

Hello, I bought 2 Slim Sonic, because I wanted to be able to move them to different areas. I started working out again very slowly, especially to start moving again. So walking about 30 min, 4/5 times a week, home exercises and some elliptical. A weight belt also with electrodes (one session every day). Nothing very violent, but I’m starting from far away. I use my 2 Slim Sonics every day and I have eliminated bread and sugar. And I’m glad, I’m really losing where I place my plates and more than I thought I would. These are the Sonicals.

Marjorie, Opinion on Facebook

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