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By placing an order, the customer confirms that they have read these terms and conditions and accepts them. SLIM SONIC, a brand of NEOS Health Sàrl (hereafter referred to as SLIM SONIC), reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice. The terms and conditions in force at the time the order is placed shall apply.


The products may differ slightly from the illustrations in the presentation materials. These are provided for information purposes only.


Unless otherwise agreed, all orders will only be delivered once full payment has been received. We reserve the right to refuse an arrangement without explanation. Orders are final. No refunds will be given once the money has been paid. Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

The current prices indicated in € are authentic, the amounts displayed in other currencies are indicative. When making a payment, please pay in Euros. All bank charges shall be borne by the customer, who must specify this to the intermediary at the time of payment. The bank will then make the appropriate conversions so that the correct amount is paid into our account. Errors will lead to delayed delivery due to the need for additional payment.

Orders placed outside of Switzerland will be processed as imports (VAT, customs duties, processing fees, etc…). These taxes are invoiced directly by the customs authority in the buyer’s country of origin, and are therefore not included in our prices. It is up to the buyer to make prior enquiries about the import conditions in the destination country so as to avoid unpleasant surprises. The goods shall be declared at their actual value.


Orders are dispatched within 10 working days after receipt of payment. Please note that the products are stored in semi-finished form due to the choice of colours.

The average manufacturing time for our products is approx. 8 working days. We make every effort to ensure fast delivery but cannot rule out delays that are out of our control. No claims for damages may be made in the event of late delivery. The order cannot be cancelled.

For orders placed outside of Switzerland, the buyer is responsible for paying customs duties and for resolving any import problems.

We accept no responsibility in case of dispute with the carriers.


We provide a full after-sales service for our products. Please contact us if necessary. The mailing addresses for Switzerland and Europe are organised by SLIM SONIC (

All delivered equipment is tested before dispatch. We offer a two-year warranty on all our products, except for consumables, belts and elastic (one year). The warranty only covers product defects. Any damage caused by improper use and any modification or attempted repair by the customer without prior authorisation shall void the warranty.

We offer a repair service for all our products that are out of warranty. This service is chargeable. We will provide a quote once the equipment has been returned. Repairs will be carried out after full payment of the quoted amount has been received.

All returns require our prior approval. Equipment returned without prior arrangement will not be processed. The sender is responsible for all shipping costs, as well as any customs charges that may be invoiced to us upon receipt.

General terms and conditions of sale valid from 1 January 2020.