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Lightweight and space-saving, the XS-330 is the perfect compromise for trips around town, whether cycling, walking or jogging. Thanks to its ultra-compact size, it can be worn discreetly under clothing and can destock up to 1000 kcal per day (three sessions). There’s a certain pleasure in being able to move around and cleverly destock without changing your domestic habits.

Treatment area: 380 cm²

Destocking: 330 kcal in 40 min

Frequency of use: at least 9 sessions of 40 min per week, with a maximum of 3 sessions per day.

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  • Module Slim Sonic

    Module Slim Sonic

  • Main charger

    Main charger

  • Carrying case

    Carrying case

  • Getting Started Guide

    Getting Started Guide

  • Conducting gel 75ml

    Conducting gel 75ml

  • Mobile app with bluetooth connection

    Mobile app with bluetooth connection

  • Restraining strap

    Restraining strap

Matériaux Module in antibacterial and antifungal medical synthetic leather
Plaques Sonic Resonance rectangulaires en aluminium éloxé ALPLAN : 3 plaques SMALL carrées de 65 mm de côté
Poids 450 g
Garantie 2 years
Autonomie 5 sessions of 40 min
Connectivité Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions Length : 15 cm
Width : 14 cm
Interface START/STOP function, with automatic switch-off
Charge indicator
Bluetooth connection indicator
Certifications EC Regulation – Eco Identity
ISO standards: 2286-2, 1421, 12947-2, 10993-5, 9001, 14021
Medical standard: IEC-60601-1-2