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Lender :
NEOS Health Sàrl – 19, rue de l’Aérodrome – CH 1730 ECUVILLENS (SWITZERLAND)
Contact :

Renter :
Contact details and address according to the e-commerce confirmation document at the time of payment (billing and delivery address)
(The renter confirms that the information provided is accurate and that he can prove his identity at any time).

The renter certifies that:
– The addresses are correct and that they are within mainland France.
– That his ID is valid.
– That his signed copy of the electricity bill is certified as a true copy.

Rental object (hereinafter referred to as the object):
S-660 KIT containing: 1 S-660 module – 2 sets of straps, 1 suitable charger – 1 contact gel spray.
L-1440 KIT containing: 1 L-1440 module with straps, 1 suitable charger – 1 contact gel spray.
The rental and warranty conditions of your KIT include strict compliance with the conditions related to the warranty and to the use of the rented object. A warranty document and treatment sheet form an integral part of the shipment. EACH RENTER IS REQUIRED TO KNOW ALL THE CONDITIONS, REQUIREMENTS FOR USE AND GENERAL RENTAL CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRACT.


General terms and conditions of rental

1- Rental

  • The rental price varies according to the renter’s selection. This price includes shipping and return of rented object (stamped label)
  • The reservation date of the rented object is validated when the total amount due is paid (SLIM SONIC e-store). Only these payments will be taken into account.


The renter receives their object on the FRIDAY of WEEK 1 and returns it on the MONDAY MORNING of WEEK 3. We guarantee our logistics organisation. However, we accept no liability for transport provided by the lender’s carrier.

2- Rental method

Rentals are possible ONLY from FRIDAY (WEEK 1) to SUNDAY (WEEK 2) i.e. 1 cycle. In the case of a cumulated cycle, transfer days are offered. The equipment can be picked up from 3pm on Friday afternoon (WEEK 1) at the COLISSIMO collection point at the address indicated and dropped off on MONDAY MORNING (WEEK 3) before 11am. Failure to respect the rental times will result in the renter being automatically invoiced for an additional cycle (€ 149 and a penalty of € 500.).

3- Term and termination

This rental contract is concluded for a period of one cycle.
The contract is valid only when the total amount of the rent has been paid via PAYPAL (e-commerce).
The total rental amount must be collected at the latest BY THE DELIVERY DATE REQUESTED BY THE RENTER.
No reservation shall be taken into account without prior payment of the order.

4- Contrat validity

This rental contract does not require the parties to sign documents and exchange them by mail. The parties accept and confirm the following conditions:

The renter: When the renter confirms the booking dates by email, he accepts the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this contract, those of the equipment WARRANTY and the conditions of use of the TREATMENT SHEET attached to the consignment of the rented object. The contract becomes void if the renter does not send the requested documents. (Copy of ID and electricity bill) at least 5 days before the item is sent.

The lender: The contract is validated when the lender has received the full payment specified in point 1 of this contract.

5- Insurance

The renter confirms that he is insured against water, fire and damage as well as theft in all places where he will use or store all or part of the object described in this contract. The insured value must be at least € 1,500. (One thousand five hundred euros). In the event of damage, even partial, the lender will take the necessary steps at the expense of the renter to repair or replace the property.

6- Collection and return of the object

– The object must be handed over to the carrier chosen by the lender.
– The cost of returning the package is included in the price.
– The renter must strictly follow the lender’s return instructions.
– The renter must report any damage or technical problems instantly at the point of return. In case of damage, the lender reserves the right to invoice the renter for the repair.
– All equipment sent (gels, straps, chargers, user manual and its cover) must be returned.


7- Addresses

The renter must use the enclosed and stamped label when returning the object.
The address provided is the only valid address. The renter confirms the accuracy of his address and thus the rental location of the object. He also confirms the accuracy of his identity.

8- Right of ownership

The renter has the right to use the object only for his private use at the address provided in the email exchanges.
He may not sublet, assign or pledge it. He shall refrain from any act contrary to the right of ownership. In the event of seizure or retention, the renter must, under penalty of damages, notify the debt collection agency about this rental contract so that the latter can inform the lender. At the end of the rental contract, the rented object remains the sole property of the lender.

9- Using and caring for the object

The renter undertakes to take care of the object and to respect the instructions in the USER MANUAL.
Any damage occurring through the fault of the renter or a third party shall be borne by the renter.

10- Acceptance of the contrat

This contract is part of the website WWW. SLIM SONIC.COM. The contract becomes valid in its entirety upon receipt of full payment of the rental amount by the lender.

11- Place of jurisdiction

The lender and the renter acknowledge that the place of jurisdiction for any dispute arising in connection with this contract shall be the courts of the lender’s legal domicile.


The parties confirm their unreserved acceptance of the terms of this rental contract without signature. The renter confirms that the information provided on the email exchanges is correct.

Confirmed in Ecuvillens on the date upon which payment is received from the renter.